Get Your Music Endorsed by Influencers and Watch Your Following Grow


You know your music is ready to be heard...The hard part is getting it heard, isn't it?


Well it's actually not...


We've been working with Influencers to share artist's music and help them grow their fan base.


Stop spending money on fake streams that don't convert to long-term growth for your music. Start investing in gaining REAL FANS.


The Process

  • We analyze your music and match it with relevant Influencers - this can include blogs with large and active Social Media followings, Public Figures, Music Fan Pages and even other artists.
  • The Influencer will share your music in the form of at least 1-2 posts. The goal is to get their following to interact with your Fan Page (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and your music.
  • We make sure they share your music at optimal times to increase engagement and awareness on your music.
  • This leads to an increase in your social media following and as a result, traffic to your music on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc.


  • Estimated Reach: Between 150K - 300K Targeted Fans
  • Estimated Engagement: Between 10K-100K Likes, Comments, Engagements
  • All Genre's accepted
  • Expect an increase in followers and likes
  • Expect an increase in traffic to your music


What do I need to get started?

When you make the purchase, you are immediately provided with a downloadable PDF. This PDF explains what we need from you, which you simply fill out in a form! All we need to move forward with the campaign is your Social Media links (so the Influencer can tag you) and a link to your music. Additional materials such as Press Photos, Artwork or Music Videos are also welcome to be included.


Do you guarantee followers/likes?

We cannot guarantee a specific amount of followers or likes. However, we can guarantee that you WILL see an increase in your social media following and on your music. This is because we optimize the campaign to be delievered to the MOST LIKELY audience of fans to engage with your music.

Introductory Influencer Marketing Campaign

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