Want to try our Playlisting service out but would like to test out a more affordable option before committing? Then this package is right for you. Let us show you what we can get done with our playlisting efforts with this Beginner package before moving on to a larger Playlist Promotion Campaign. 


With the Spotify Playlist Beginner Package, your music is sent to over 100 playlist curators. We use organic efforts through a team of real humans dedicated to your campaign. 


  • Let us do the hard work for you and submit to over 100 curators
  • Get your music on a number of playlists
  • Increase your Streams, Monthly Listeners and Followers Organically
  • Get REAL feedback from curators which you can use to further your music career


It's no secret that Spotify Playlisting efforts are crucial for an artist's success. Getting on Spotify playlists helps increase your song's awareness across Spotify. When your song is added to a playlist, new users then discover your music and add it to their collection. When users begin adding your music, Spotify takes note of your songs increasing popularity and begins suggesting it to even MORE users. 

Spotify Playlist Beginner Package

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