Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for any genre?

Yes! This package works for all genres, whether your music is Rap, Pop, Folk, R&B, Indie, Rock, EDM, Lo-Fi, Country or any other, we work with curators in all genres. We send your music to 100 curators that are relevant to your genre.

Do you just blast my music to the same curators regardless of genre?

No. We take the time to analyze your song and then we personally match it to relevant curators. This is an organic, hands-on method which is why the delivery time is 2-3 weeks.

Can I get feedback from curators?

Absolutely. We provide you with the feedback we receive on your music from curators, whether they decide to add the track or not.

Will you notify me when my song has been added to a playlist?

Yes. We notify you when your song has been added to a new playlist and we send you the link to the playlist.

Is there a placement guarantee?

Due to the organic nature of our promotional methods, we do not guarantee placements. This is because music is subjective. Services that offer guarantees are generally ones to avoid because they participate in "pay-to-play". However, we do continue working until we get a placement, so technically we can guarantee at least 1 playlist add as our goal is to deliver results and establish a relationship with you.

Will my Streams, Followers and Monthly Listeners increase?

This is the goal! With this package, we work on your campaign not only to get your song added to playlists, but to increase your streams, followers and monthly listeners on Spotify. There is no guarantee naturally with organic efforts as music is subjective. However, we usually see a minimum increase of a few thousand streams and in some cases beyond 50,000 within 4 weeks, it all depends on the music. If we feel that we cannot get you great results, we will contact you before starting the campaign to discuss refunding your money or submitting a different song.